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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm stress..?

Setelah hampir sebulan lebih, gue merantau ke sana ke mari..cewahhh...sekejap menjadi org 'Batu'..sekejap menjadi org 'Pulau'..letih sesangat..mungkin pada org lain tidak..tapi pada mama..gue mmg sangat2 capek...kulit bertambah hitam...since harini mama tak banyak mama nk meluang kan masa menulis .. Thanks to Hasnin...collegue yang satu nie..mmg rajin membaca blog org..hehehhe bagus dia lah yg selalau tanya kenapa blog you tak update..kenaper blog you ditutup...I tak boleh baca...hehehe..Sorrylah Hasnin, kdg2 mama need a privacy..Mebe ada org kater mama a  bit anti-sosial..or perahsia..but that's me..but then..after thinking back..a 2nd thought of mine said! heyy come on @least there's somebody out there still want to share and know about u...ok? ^__^ so ok kot...hahaha...

I'm stress..

For these couple of months , I never had a good other word..restless..hahaha 24hours devoted either for projects or for my beloved little boy name Farhan. I never had a chance to have a nice chat with my hubby, my sons..i miss them. i saw them everyday, talk with them..but am i really concentrate and focusing to each and every words that they said? Honestly nope..

I forgot when was the last date (to be exact) I cook for my hubby.( ermm ada kot, tapi cam tak sepenuh hati..huhuhu).. Am i a good wife, I'd say no. A good mama..when i think back..nope.. So what am I?  Next chapter , I'll tell why i'm so depressed with myself..

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