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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

13ways to delegate work effectively...

Hari nie mama dapat email dari boss..hehehe satu idea bernas cara untuk kita delegates kerja kite dgn collegues...Ermm mmg mama mempunyai masalah nak delegates kerja ingat nak cuba amalkan lah...huhuhu 

Nie email dari boss

Attachment : 13 ways to delegate work effectively

  1. Delegate a task if someone can do it,OR want to do it, needs to do it OR likes to do it..
  2. When you delegate responsibility, also delegate the authority to use resources to get it done.
  3. Delegate results, not necessarily the methods.
  4. When you delegate something, don't take it back.
  5. Ensure the person understands what you have delegated to him and why.
  6. Set benchmarks or checkpoints and leave them alone.
  7. Reinforce positive results and give feedback on negative results.
  8. Communicate clear instructions, expectations and guidelines.
  9. Use delegation as a staff development tool.
  10. Resist the tendency or over inspect
  11. Ask for regular written or verbal reports
  12. Remember what you delegated and to whom.
  13. See failure as necessary if people are willing to stretch, learn and grow..
Marilah kita sama2 cuba praktikkan...Caiyok!

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