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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pumping Tips for Avent Isis User!!! For you My Cousin...


Mama dedicate this to my cousin...Maria Azwan..who's using Avent Isis..

Here's how I use my Isis (I also use a PIS at work & get the same amounts from both) (m)
Start of by using rapid gentle squeezes until my milk lets down. Once the milk starts spraying, do not keep squeezing the handle. Instead, squeeze and hold the handle (to the extent comfortable, you do not have to compress the handle all the way down if that is too much suction for you) for about 3-5 seconds. Then release to let the accumulated milk drain from the pump nozzle into the bottle. Then squeeze and hold again and repeat the process.
As I do this and notice the output declining I reposition the horn so that different milk sinuses are touched by the flange. Once flow decreases I also begin to do compressions starting waaaaaaay back on the breast, using the heel of my hand and pushing toward the nipple. That usually gets me pretty "empty." Of course, you can always get a little bit of milk out when you squeeze, but the full feeling is gone and I've got anywhere from 4 - 9oz pumped.
"Source I-Village"

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